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Hot weather for Finland from Thursday

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued heat warnings for southern and central areas starting on Friday.

Auringonottajia Hietaniemen uimarannalla helatorstaina 13. toukokuuta 2021.
File photo of sunbathers at Helsinki's Hietaniemi beach on 13 May, 2021. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Much of Finland will begin heating up on Thursday, and temperatures will continue to rise through the weekend, according to weather forecasts.

Yle meteorologist Marjo Hoikkanen said that by Thursday some southern areas would breach the 25C mark — which in Finland is the point at which conditions are considered to be a heatwave (helleraja).

In the following days, temperatures will continue to rise, with some southeastern areas expected to pass 30 degrees celsius, according to Hoikkanen's forecast.

"On Friday, the heat will be widespread in southern and central parts of the country. The 30 degree mark will be broken no later than on Saturday, she said.

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Viikonlopun sääkartat hehkuvat punaisina varsinkin eteläisessä Suomessa.
Forecast daytime high temperatures for Friday (PE), Saturday (LA) and Sunday (SU). Image: Yle

However, it will be cooler in some northern areas, and even more so in Lapland, with daytime high temperatures ranging from 10-19 degrees.

"The temperature difference between the south and north could be as much as 20 degrees," Hoikkanen said, who noted that the sizzling temperatures could prompt thunderstorms during the heatwave as well.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued heat as well as brush fire warnings across many areas over the next several days.

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