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Hotel prices skyrocket and dip in lead-up to Helsinki Summit

While some luxury hotels in Helsinki are charging up to 550 euros a night, other accommodation prices are dropping as the Trump-Putin meeting nears.

Esplanadin puisto.
Image: Kari Ahotupa / Yle

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to meet in Helsinki on Monday, and Helsinki hotel prices are rising and falling dramatically in the run-up.

While some four and five star hotels are charging prices that are double their regular rates, other hotels are offering cut-rate last minute deals similar to those offered on airfares.

Hotel prices seemed to peak earlier this week, with the most popular luxury hotels charging between 400 and 550 euros for a room on Sunday evening, the night before the summit is scheduled to occur.

Other establishments have since started to drop their prices. One downtown hotel listed its least expensive room at 400 euros on Wednesday, but by Thursday evening the price for that same room had dropped to 120 euros.

A Thursday evening search for the cheapest hotel option in the Helsinki area found a hostel dormitory bed ten kilometres from the city centre going for under 20 euros.

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