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HS: Ministry proposing employees get right to demand colleagues' pay details

Workers could be allowed to see their co-workers' salaries under new proposals.

mies- ja naishahmo
Closing the gender pay gap is one of the government's priorities. Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

A government plan to improve pay transparency could see employees able to demand details of their colleagues' wages if they suspect discrimination on the basis of gender, according to a report in Helsingin Sanomat.

The paper says it has obtained a proposal that the ministry made to a tripartite working group on pay transparency.

Labour market issues in Finland are often settled in so-called tripartite talks between unions, employers' organisations and the government.

In this working group, HS reports that the ministry appears to be advocating a model whereby an employee who suspects discrimination based on gender can demand information about colleagues' compensation.

Employers would have to hand it over, if gender discrimination was the suspected reason, according to HS.

The employee requesting the data would be subject to a confidentiality agreement, but would be able to pass on the salary information to staff representatives, unions, lawyers or police.

In addition, staff representatives' right to data on pay would be expanded.

Tanja Auvinen of the Ministry for Health and Welfare's gender equality unit, who chairs the working group, declined to comment when asked by HS.

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