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HS: Parliament to vote again on same-sex marriage bill

The vote comes as independent MP James Hirvisaari moves to topple the 105-92 vote secured in November.

James Hirvisari, left, said in an Yle interview that he intends to "intentionally provoke" lawmakers and the media. Image: Markku Lähdetluoma / Yle

Top daily Helsingin Sanomat reports that Finnish Parliament will again vote on the once-approved same-sex marriage bill. The re-vote comes at the behest of James Hirvisaari, former Finns Party member and now sole MP for the Muutos2011 party. Hirvisaari proposed on Wednesday that the same-sex marriage bill be rejected in Parliament.

HS reports that Hirvisaari’s motion is supported by Finns Party MP Mika Niikko, and the full parliament will vote on the motion on Friday.

“We have agreed that this is the way we’re going to move forward,” Niikko told Helsingin Sanomat.

Parliament approved the new bill allowing same-sex couples to marry in late November in a 105-92 vote. Assuming the bill is not rejected, it and associated amendments to Finnish law would come into effect in March, 2017.

Edit: James Hirvisaari was not a 'defector' from the Finns Party, as previously stated, but was expelled from the party's ranks in October, 2013.

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