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HS poll: Half of Finns want Greece out of euro

Nearly half of Finns would like Greece to leave the euro zone, according to a poll for the daily broadsheet Helsingin Sanomat. A fifth of respondents want Finland to leave the euro. More than half, though, wanted Finland to assist eurozone countries in economic difficulty.

Valaistu euro-tunnus Euroopan keskuspankin pihalla Frankfurtissa.
Image: Marc Mueller / EPA

Some 44 percent of those questioned were of the opinion that Greece undermines the whole euro zone, and the country should therefore leave the currency union. Expulsion of Greece from the euro is supported by some 70 percent of True Finns supporters.

“People have a short-term perspective on these issues,” said Aalto University economics professor Matti Pohjola in a Helsingin Sanomat interview. They don’t really consider alternatives to the euro.”

A return to the Markka was supported by 23 percent of respondents, while 52 percent would offer assistance to the crisis countries in one way or another.

TNS Gallup conducted the survey for Helsingin Sanomat. They interviewed 1,006 people by telephone in the first week of July. The margin of error is three percentage points.

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