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HSL bus service shakeup affects 200,000 commuters

The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority says Wednesday's changes are the biggest since the Metro opened in 1982.

Metrokyltti Matinkylässä
Most buses in southern Espoo and points west will now feed into Metro stations. Image: Ilkka Klemola / Yle

The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) launches sweeping changes in mass transit in Espoo and other western suburban areas on Wednesday morning. The upheaval is to affect some 200,000 commuters – although some remain on holiday this week.

The long-awaited western arm of the Helsinki Metro, extending as far as Matinkylä in Espoo, opened in mid-November. That is having major knock-on effects on bus service throughout the western part of the capital region.

HSL says that the shakeup of bus services is the biggest since the original Metro’s opening 35 years ago.

Beginning on Wednesday, buses to and from Lauttasaari, Espoo and Kirkkonummi will no longer use the Kamppi bus terminal. Instead buses will drop off and pick up passengers near Metro stations in Lauttasaari (western Helsinki) as well as Tapiola, Niittykumpu and Matinkylä in Espoo.

The biggest transfer hub will be the Matinkylä bus terminal, located in the same building as the Metro station and Iso Omena mall.

Commuters will have to walk the longest distances in Tapiola, where a new bus terminal won’t be completed until early 2019.

HSL urges those travelling Wednesday morning to allow plenty of extra time and to check routes and transfer points in advance through its website or Journey Planner app.

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