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HSL to revamp ticketing system

According to the Helsinki regional transport authority, the first step will harmonise card and mobile app tickets.

Nainen pitää kädessään kännykkää, jossa on mobiililippu, taustalla Tikkurilan aseman laitureita.
Currently ticket options are different on HSL's app and travel card. Image: HSL

The capital region public transport authority, Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL), plans to revamp its ticketing system. The goal is to harmonise different ticket types and create a national sales system that would allow commuters to purchase tickets for all trips the same way, regardless of the sales channel they use.

HSL said that the first step toward developing the new system would be to harmonise travel card and mobile app-based tickets this year. In future, commuters will be able to buy the same types of tickets on their phones and at sales points. Currently ticket options are different on the app and travel card.

This means that HSL will offer all customers one-time tickets, 1-13-day tickets and 30- or 60-day tickets, regardless of sales channel and payment type. The authority said that ticket sales will be harmonised across all sales platforms as soon as it is technically feasible.

HSL also said that fares are set to rise in autumn.

Major changes will take time

HSL said that the reform will require extensive changes to the back-end systems used at ticket sales points, and that in practice all ticketing will be managed by a single system. The authority said that it is investigating what this will mean for ticketing equipment.

It said it intends to acquire a new account-based system in cooperation with TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy (LMJ), an IT and purchasing company jointly owned by HSL and 20 municipalities. The reform will mean that it will be possible to purchase tickets in the same way in Helsinki as well as elsewhere.

HSL said that it also wants to get commuters involved and plans to find out what kinds of tickets they need. It said it will use customer feedback to plan the new range of ticket options. While the overhaul project has already begun, HSL said it will take years to complete.

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