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Hunt for city bunnies begins

Helsinki will resume culling of its feral rabbit population starting next week.

Image: Yle

This autumn's hunt aims to contain the feral creatures, which have spread to new areas in the city.

The urban bunnies have taken a liking to leafy Helsinki suburbs Konala, Pakila and Paloheinä, but the animals are also running wild in inner-city districts such as Huopalahti, Pasila and Arabia.

The city says earlier efforts to control the rabbit population have proven successful, with the animals' ranks thinning in Helsinki's downtown neighbourhoods of Töölö, Kluuvi and Alppiharju. Officials, however, point out that it's nearly impossible to make an area completely rabbit-free.

While hares are native to Finland, these smaller rabbits are descendants of former pets let loose in the city.

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