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Hunting Season for Water Birds, Bears and Beavers Begins

Friday marks the opening of hunting season for a number of species, including many water birds. For the first time on mainland Finland, this includes the Great Cormorant.

Metsästäjä rannalla haulikon kanssa.
Image: Yle

A total of 680 permits have been issued to shoot the rapidly-proliferating seabirds –which the fishing industry blames for lower catches. Around 200,000 hunters have been issued licenses for waterfowl.

Hunting season also begins for the Canadian goose on Friday, as well as the graylag goose in Lapland. In other parts of Finland, hunting season for the graylag goose begins in September.

The Hunters’ Central Organization says waterfowl populations are at last year’s levels.

It is also open season on beavers and bears. About 70 bears are shot in Finland annually.

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