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HUS fined €70k after failing to tender for DNA analysis

It's not the first time the hospital district has had trouble with open tender regulations.

HUS:n logo Meilahden sairaala-alueella Helsingissä.
Image: Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva

Finland’s Market Court has slapped the Helsinki University Hospital District (HUS) with a 70,000-euro fine for ignoring competitive bidding procedures and breaking procurement laws.

The infractions related to the hospital district’s selection of providers for DNA analysis services over a period of several years at a cost of several million euros.

No procurement decisions or written procurement agreements had been made for the contracts, until the Consumer and Competition Authority (FCCA) began looking into the orders.

Internal audit uncovers irregularities

Most recently, HUS had been under scrutiny for granting a 100-million-euro contract to a private lab for testing inbound travellers at Finland’s borders without an open tender.

Last November the FCAA said that it had filed a total of four complaints against HUS for breaches of procurement laws. At the time it had called for the hospital district to be fined 160,000 euros.

Last August, the Market Court imposed a 50,000-euro fine on the hospital district for failing to open competitive tenders for garbage bag and tissue paper procurements. The court ruled that HUS did not comply with procurement rules.

One year ago an internal audit by the hospital authority found a number of deficiencies in the tendering process.

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