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"I won't change": Finland's new PM pledges to keep it real on social media

Dubbed "a politician for the Instagram generation" Sanna Marin says she will be careful on social media in the future.

Finland’s freshly-appointed Prime Minister Sanna Marin opened her time in office by declaring that she will maintain her social media habits as a representative of the younger generation. Speaking during her new administration’s first press conference after being sworn into office on Tuesday afternoon, Marin told media representatives that she "is still a real person".

"When it comes to social media or Instagram, I think I’m an individual -- a real person even though I’m a prime minister also. So I won’t change the way I behave," Marin said in response to a question about her use of social media before becoming premier. The question was a reference to a Daily Mail article that dubbed her "a politician for the Instagram generation".

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Finland's new government is led by five women. Audio: Yle News

However she tempered her declaration with an acknowledgement that in future, she will also represent the government she leads.

"Of course I have to be careful about what I say because it can be represented as the whole government. But I’m still a person and I will be in the future also," she added.

Andersson: "We're just human"

Marin’s comments were backed up by her colleague, Left Alliance chair and Education Minister Li Andersson, who said that it would be good for people to get to know politicians.

"What kind of music we like, what we do during our very sparse free time, how we hang out together behind the scenes, while negotiating. Because I think that’s something that I’ve missed from public debate and politics for a long time. We’re just human all of us," Andersson declared.

Sticking to business, Interior Minister and Greens chair Maria Ohisalo said that the government’s first steps next year will involve implementing the budget agreed on under the stewardship of ex-PM Antti Rinne.

"Next year the first steps about the budget that the previous government has already decided on steps into reality and people will see in their everyday lives how this government programme already affects their lives. So we are here for the whole of Finnish society," the minister commented.

Off to Brussels this week

Marin told journalists at the press conference that her administration will begin its work today to build a society that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

"We want to make Finland a country where any child can become anything and everyone can live and grow old safely and happily. We’re going to be active in the European Union and globally. We want to create stability," she added.

The PM said that she will meet her EU colleagues at a European Council meeting in Brussels on 12-13 December.

Marin took over from SDP chair Antti Rinne following a confidence crisis that saw Rinne tender his resignation. She was nominated by the SDP to succeed Rinne as prime minister, narrowly beating her parliamentary colleague Antti Lindtman. Marin was formally appointed premier by President Sauli Niinistö on Tuesday afternoon.

Edit: PM Marin will travel to Brussels on 12-13 Dec, not a week later as originally stated.

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