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Icebreaker sets off for Alaska

Police on Tuesday evening detained nearly 40 Greenpeace protesters who were trying to prevent icebreaker Nordica from departing to the Arctic in aid of Shell’s oil and gas production off the coast of Alaska.

Stop Shell -banderolli kiinnitettynä jäänmurtaja Nordicaan.
Greenpeacen mukaan aluksella on 15 aktivistia eri maista. Image: Yle

Nordica, owned and operated by Finnish state firm Arctia Shipping, has been leased to the international oil giant for three years on a part-time basis. Greenpeace says that drilling for oil in the Arctic could greatly damage the environment.

Greenpeace activists staged a protest on Tuesday. At first, a group of 15 activists locked themselves in various parts of the vessel in an attempt to keep it in dock. Once they were removed by police, a new group of activists gathered around the ship on rubber boats and canoes in the evening.

Police detained 39 protesters. The icebreaker set sail at about 10pm.

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