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Iconic Koskenkorva spirit to be sold in US

Alcohol producer Altia announces that it has signed a deal with Infinium Spirits in the United States for the rights to sell the iconic Finnish Koskenkorva Vodka in American shops.

Koskenkorva-pulloja Alkossa.
Koskenkorva vodka is a classic Finnish brand. Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

One of Finland's best-known brands, Koskenkorva Vodka, will soon be available in the United States for the first time. State-owned Finnish alcohol production company Altia announced on Tuesday that it has entered into an import partnership with the American Infinium Spirits.

Koskenkorva, known colloquially as "kossu", is already sold in almost 30 countries.

Altia export chief Janne Halttunen says that the recent rebranding of the vodka brand garnered awards and generated international interest.

"The partnership with Infinium Spirits gives Altia a terrific opening to the US market. Infinium Spirits is a strategic partner to us and we aim to build the brand and distribution with a long-term view," Halttunen says in the release.

"The US market will initially launch with Koskenkorva Vodka Original, 80 proof [some 40% alcohol] in both 750ml and 1 litre sizes," Altia reports.

The schedule of the import deal has not yet been announced.

Second coming

Koskenkorva is the second Finnish spirit marketed as a vodka to be sold in the United States. The US started importing the Finlandia vodka brand in the early 1970s; the rights to Finlandia are now owned by American spirit company Brown-Forman.

Finlandia is distilled and bottled at the same facility as Koskenkorva. The only difference between the two barley-based spirits is that no sugar is added to Finlandia vodka after distillation.

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