IL: Drug-stealing "fake nurse" detained

Police in southwestern Finland have detained a woman suspected of working as a nurse without the right qualifications. The woman is also suspected of stealing drugs, according to the newspaper Iltalehti.

Lääkkeiden annostelua sairaalassa.
File photo. Image: Niko Mannonen / Yle

A woman who was working as a nurse at a health centre in the southwestern municipality of Somero has been detained by police, Iltalehti reports.

The woman is suspected of having lied about her health care qualifications and stealing drugs from the health centre where she worked.

According to police the woman faces charges of theft, fraud and drug offenses.

Co-workers at the health centre began to become suspicious of the woman after she behaved strangely on the job, and then they noticed that medications started to go missing.

A considerable amount of opiates, painkillers and sleeping pills began to disappear from the centre's medicine shelves, resulting in enhanced monitoring of the area by management.

Police said the woman stole the drugs for personal use but that patient safety was not an issue in the case because she was not directly involved with patients.

The woman is suspected of lying about the extent of her medical training. While she has degree in health care she is not a qualified nurse.

The health centre has reportedly launched an internal investigation into the case.

Iltalehti first reported this story on Monday.

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