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Increasing Number of Restaurants Owned by Immigrants

A quarter of all privately owned restaurants in Helsinki are owned by members of the immigrant population. The restaurant sector also provides significantly more work to immigrants than other sectors.

Kokki kattiloiden ääressä ravintola Pekingin keittiössä.
Image: YLE/ Juha Kivioja

Around a third of all immigrant restaurant owners originate from Turkey, according to Heikki Lankinen, Head of Research at the Finnish Hospitality Association.

"Next come owners from countries such as Vietnam, Iraq, China, the former Yugoslavia and Iran," he adds.

Lankinen believes that this is trend which is set to continue.

"The restaurant industry is one which generally offers a lot of employment to immigrants, as people tend to have less reservations about applying for jobs in the restaurant trade than they do in many other areas."

There are around 2,400 companies operating in the capital region whose owners have foreign backgrounds. This accounts for around half of all foreign-owned businesses in the country.

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