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Independence Day parade brings planes and tanks to Kuopio

The main parade honouring Finland's century of independence takes place in Eastern Finland.

sotilaita sankarihaudalla.
About 1200 people will march through the streets of Kuopio. Image: Toni Pitkänen / Yle

Finland's centennial Independence Day parade begins in the eastern city of Kuopio around noon.

Yle Areena is streaming the event live, with highlights on TV1 beginning shortly after 5 pm. For military buffs, the highlight is the march past Kuopio City Hall, starting at 13.10.

Some 1200 people and 50 vehicles are taking part. The event is being organised by the Karelia Air Command, which will participate with 41 airplanes and helicopters.

Defence Forces hardware, including a Hornet fighter jet, is also on display at Kuopio's Market Square from 10 am to 3 pm.

Transport schedule changes

Wednesday is a national holiday, but most shops are open. State-run Alko outlets are closed.

Trains run on Sunday schedules, with some extra long-haul departures added. Most long-distance and rural buses run on Sunday timetables.

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