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Information and communication workers top median earnings list

The median of total earnings of full-time wage and salary earners was in Finland was 2,963 euros per month in 2015, according to figures from Statistics Finland. At 3,944 per month, median earnings were highest in information and communication activities.

Tietokoneen käyttöä.
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Besides basic pay, total earnings include all bonuses, overtime pay and benefits in kind, but not performance-based bonuses or holiday bonuses. Total earnings are reported by Statistics Finland in gross.

At the bottom of the median earnings pile, making 2,268 per month in 2015, were employees working in accommodation and food service activities.  In addition to the lowest median earning for full-time employees, people working part-time made up 38 per cent of all wage and salary earners in this sector.

At the top of the list with median earnings of 3,944 per month, were employees working in information and communication activities which include media and software enterprises.

Median of total earnings of full-time wage and salary earners in key economic sectors in 2015. Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

However, if the earnings of technical and support staff, associates, and other occupational groups are not taken into account, the median of total earnings for professionals employed in financial and insurance operations was EUR 4,868 per month.

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