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Inspector finds "no serious violations" after NGO releases video of animal carcasses on fur farm

An animal control vet and a health inspector visited the west coast farm on Tuesday but found few remains.

Oikeutta eläimille -järjestön kuva turkistarhalta.
A photo taken of animal carcasses taken by the NGO "Rights for Animals". Image: Oikeutta eläimille

Pietarsaari officials came up mostly empty handed on Tuesday after they visited a fur farm where the "Rights for Animals" NGO claimed to have taken photos and recorded video of fox carcasses scattered on the ground.

According to daily Helsingin Sanomat, the animal rights organisation has shared images and video on social media showing what appeared to be the decomposed remains of animals at a Pietarsaari fur farm. In some cases the carcasses appeared to be piled in mounds of dozens or even hundreds of animals, while in other cases, isolated remains appeared to be strewn about.

On Tuesday, HS reported that animal control veterinarian Gullvi Sederström visited the location and said that she found a few isolated carcasses, the origin of which could not be confirmed.

Vet: Not possible to link images to farm

Sederström said she was also unable to confirm that the images shared on social media came from the farm in question.

"The owner was not on site and it is not customary to perform a thorough animal welfare check during the pup season. There was water and there were no dead animals. No serious animal welfare violations were found," she added.

However the inspection check found that the fur farming area was in need of tidying up. Officials will visit the location once more when the pup season is over, which should be towards the end of June.

Head of the Pietarsaari environmental health unit Marit Björkstrand told the paper via email that the majority of structures on the farm were in poor condition. She added that because certain environmental issues had been identified, local environmental protection officials had also been notified.

A petition to ban fur farming was the first citizens' initiative to accumulate the 50,000 signatures required to make it part of Finnish lawmakers' legislative agenda. However MPs rejected a ban on the activity in spite of popular support for the measure.

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