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"Interactive" Museum of History to be built near Turku's medieval castle

The city says the planned history museum will be a "museum of the future."

Turun linna.
The new museum will be in the Turku castle district Image: Jouni Koutonen / Yle

By the end of the next decade, the Turku Castle area is set to become a bustling museum zone as plans are underway to build a new Museum of History near the castle and the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre by the Aura River.

The museum is due to be completed in 2029 to coincide with Turku's 800th anniversary. The Turku City Board unanimously agreed on the location of the museum at a meeting on Monday. The next step is to prepare the project plan.

The interactive museum will showcase the history of both Turku and Finland, and is currently estimated to cost 26.2 million euros.

Authorities have zeroed in on the exact location for the museum — the plot now used by shipping company Viking Line as a car check-in area. The company will relocate the facility when the joint terminal of Tallink Silja and Viking Line is ready.

Turku city council originally devised the plan to establish the Museum of History as part of Finland's centenary anniversary celebrations in 2017.

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