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InterCity train crashes into car at level crossing in western Finland

The driver of the car was severely injured in the collision that occurred at an unsupervised level crossing.

Henkilöauto romuttui törmättyään junaan Laihialla.
A passenger car was damaged in a collision with a train in Laihia Image: Hans-Mikael Holmgren / Yle

The collision between an InterCity train and a passenger car occurred in the afternoon at a level crossing in Laihia. One person was severely injured in the accident, according to local public safety officials.

The driver, who was alone in the car, did not notice the train approaching from the direction of Vaasa, according to officials. The train was going at around 100 kilometers per hour and even though its emergency brakes were deployed, the train hit the front corner of the car.

Train traffic has been at a standstill on the Vaasa tracks with passengers diverted to bus transportation since the accident took place. The train in the collision sustained damage and remains on the tracks at the collision site.

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