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Internet Search Engine Experts Meeting in Helsinki

The world’s leading experts on computer internet search engines are meeting for a conference on intelligent information access in Helsinki this week.

The International Workshop on Intelligent Information Access is meeting at the Marina Congress Centre in Helsinki to look at how businesses and individuals can better find the information they need, on the net.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers in the emerging information access community in an informal setting to promote discussion and the cross fertilisation of ideas and methods. The technology needed to feed the global information society is a critical issue.

How people find what they need to know is a difficult challenge, given the barriers of language, different types of computer hardware and software, and the huge amount of data available online. Quick and effective access to information is becoming a key issue in a competitive business environment, as well as for students and the individual or family. The workshop will be addressing these questions.

Speakers at the conference will include representatives from the European Commission, Nokia and universities in the United States and India.


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