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Investigators identify one cause of Jämijärvi plane crash

A faulty wing helped cause a light aircraft crash in April, according to a report from the Safety Investigation Authority. Eight people died in the crash in Jämijärvi, Ostrobothnia.

Jämijärven lento-onnettomuuden turmapaikka.
The small plane was destroyed in the accident. Image: Yle

Accident investigators think they have found the fault that caused a deadly plane crash that killed eight skydivers in Jämijärvi, Ostrobothnia, last April.

In a report published on Wednesday, the Safety Investigation Authority says that the pillar supporting the plane’s right wing broke during the flight, causing the aircraft to fall out of the sky. Investigators are also looking at other causes of the accident, but analysis of those factors is not yet complete.

The Comp Air plane’s aluminium wing support was broken long before the fateful flight, according to the report, but the fault wasn’t picked up during regular maintenance checks. The plane’s left wing was destroyed in the fire following the crash, preventing any analysis of its possible role in the accident.

Eight people from the Tampere skydiving club died in the crash on Easter Sunday, 20 April. There were 11 passengers on the plane, but three managed to jump out in time, using their parachutes to avoid serious injury.

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