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It’s official: Finland’s Pukki formally named English Premier League August Player of the Month

Teemu Pukki stands alongside other Finnish footballers Sami Hyypiä and Mikael Forssell in receiving the award.

Teemu Pukki kuvassa
Finland's Teemu Pukki. Image: AOP

Finnish footballer Teemu Pukki has been formally named August Player of the Month by Britain’s Premier League. The Norwich striker was previously voted player of the month in a fan poll organised by player associations. However on Friday the League officially dubbed Pukki the month’s best player.

Pukki, who is playing his first season in the premier league, showed excellent form during fixtures he played in August and scored five goals.

"I feel really honoured. Of course I believe that I can score goals in the Premier League and hold my own, but this is more than I dared hope for when the season began. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be holding this," Pukki said in a statement, referring to the award.

"I hope I can keep scoring goals. That's the way I help the team the most," he added.

Last week Pukki demonstrated his accuracy on goal in a match for the Finnish national team when he guided penalty kicks into the net in matches against Greece and Italy.

Pukki is the third Finn to have nabbed the Premier League Player of the Month award, standing alongside former Finnish football greats Sami Hyypiä and Mikael Forssell.

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