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Jolla to sell new phone this year

A mobile firm founded by former Nokia employees is set to put a new smartphone on sale by the end of the year. The company, Jolla, was set up to continue working on an open source Linux-based smartphone when Nokia announced it was switching to the Windows Phone operating system.

jolla eka älypuhelin

The new device will run Jolla's Sailfish software, supports 4G connections, features a 4.5 inch screen, has 16g of internal memory and has an eight megapixel camera.

It is expected to retail at just under 400 euros, and should be compatible with apps designed for Android phones.

The phone is based on the Meego operating system that was shelved by Nokia in favour of closer co-operation with Microsoft. As the software comes from the open source Linux code, it got a second life as part of the Mer project. Jolla's workforce expect to produce successors to this first model.

“This will be a weak story, if we only produce one phone,” Managing Director Tomi Pienimäki told Yle. “I can’t tell anything concrete about our plans, but of course there are goals for us to release more phones than just this first one.”

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