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June on course to be hottest on record

Finland is basking in the warmest start to summer since 1961.

Kuvassa on alkuviikon sää.
There have now been 13 days in which temperatures have exceeded +25 degrees Celsius. These maps show the forecast for daytime highs on Monday through Wednesday this week. Image: Kerttu Kotakorpi / Yle

This month is set to become the hottest June in Finnish measurement history, beating the previous record of June 1961.

"Temperatures will keep rising throughout the coming week," Yle's meteorologist Kerttu Kotakorpi predicts. "It should reach 30 degrees by Wednesday, and 31, 32 degrees over the weekend."

Average temperatures across the south, east and west of the country are up to six degrees higher than usual. Meanwhile in the north, which tends to be cooler, temperatures are up to four degrees higher than normal.

There have been 13 'hot days' (or hellepäivää in Finnish) so far this month, when temperatures exceeded +25 degrees Celsius, and all indicators suggest that that there will be seven more hot days over the coming week.

Kotakorpi adds a warning that while the mercury rises, so too does humidity, which can lead to thunderstorms. The high temperature will also lead to humid nights, as temperatures are not expected to drop below 20 degrees during the hours of 9pm to 9am over the week.

The warm weather will also lead to a rise in ultraviolet radiation, so Kotakorpi reminds people to protect themselves from the sun as much as possible, and to also drink plenty of liquids and use headgear and fans if required.

Yle recently compiled a list of dos and don'ts for enjoying summer in Finland without endangering health.

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