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June sees spike in road accidents

Twenty-four people in Finland died in traffic accidents in June, which was a particularly deadly month for motorcyclists.

Kuorma-auto ohittaa kolaripaikan, jossa yksi ihminen kuoli ja kolme loukkaantui vakavasti kahden henkilöauton rajussa nokkakolarissa 13. kesäkuuta.
One person died and two were seriously injured in a car crash near Jämsä in June (file photo). Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

Ten of 24 road fatalities during the month of June were motorcyclists, according to the Finnish Road Safety Council.

While not all of the background research is adequately complete to account for the reasons behind June’s toll, Anna-Liisa Tarvainen, director of the Finnish Road Safety Council has a good idea of what’s behind the grim statistics.

"Much of it seems to be down to human behavior, as there was a lot of risk taking," she said.

"On the motor vehicle side, automation is very developed and supports the driver, but motorcycles can be very efficient yet require very good driving skills," Tarvianen said.

However, she noted that not all accidents involving motorcycles were the fault of motorcyclists -- they are just as often the fault of motorists of four-wheeled vehicles.

Growing concern over cyclists

Tarvainen said she’s also concerned about bicyclists, 21 of whom died last year on Finnish roads.

”Now, during the first half of this year a dozen cyclists have died in traffic accidents,” she said, noting that she's certain that traffic safety could be improved.

"There are no cheap and easy tricks, it's the sum of many things - the roads, vehicles, and people’s own driving behaviour," she said.

Traffic accidents claimed the lives of 20 men and four women, while a total of 504 people were injured in traffic accidents last month.

From January to June of this year, there was a total of 1,765 road traffic accidents that resulted in personal injury.

During that time those collisions caused the deaths of 99 people and injured 2,258 individuals.

Compared to the same time period in 2018, 11 more people died but 170 fewer people were injured on Finland's roads, according to the road safety council.

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