Justice Minister not worried about street patrols

Minister of Justice Jari Lindström told Yle Friday that he sees no problem with street patrols, even if they are led by people with violent criminal backgrounds, as long they observe the law.

Jari Lindström
Minister of Justice and Employment Jari Lindström of the Finns Party Image: Yle

In an Yle Radio 1 interview on Friday, Minister of Justice Jari Lindström said that he has not heard of any problems involving citizen patrols that have been organized by right-wing nationalist groups in a number of towns and cities.

"Of course everyone has the right to move about outside. The fact that there are people behind this who have been convicted of crimes and served sentences certainly arouses interest. The big issue is that citizens feel they lack security," said Lindström.

The Justice Minister went on to mention a women's group in Joensuu calling itself Kyllikin siskot (Sisters of Kyllikki) that has also announced street patrols. The group was launched as a satirical response to racist street patrols.

"People are keeping watch on their surroundings. If they notice anything suspicious, the right action is to contact the authorities," Lindström pointed out.

The Justice Minister also referred to a statement by National police chief Seppo Kolehmainen according to which the number of street patrols may have been exaggerated.

"They do exist in some cities, but I have not heard of any problems," Lindström told Yle.

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