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Kamppi shooting suspect faces three counts of attempted murder

The case will go to trial at the end of November.

Poliisit ovat sulkeneet risteysalueen, jossa seisoo punainen auto, missä kylki lommola ja sivuikkunat rikki.
Two people were injured in the shooting incident last July. Image: Matti Myller / Yle

Prosecutors have charged a 32-year-old man in connection with a shooting incident in Helsinki's Kamppi district in July.

In addition to three counts of attempted murder, the defendant is also facing traffic endangerment charges, a firearms offense and a violation for possessing a dangerous object.

The suspect has been held in police custody since the incident last summer, which occurred at the intersection of Hietalahdenkatu and Porkkalankatu. Police have said that the Kosovar-background suspect and victims knew each other, although authorities have not released further details on the shooter’s motive.

Prosecutors said the defendant’s actions showed premeditation. He fired several shots, targeting three people. The case is unusual in Finland as public acts of violence are relatively rare.

Information obtained by Yle showed that the Vantaa-based defendant managed a construction company that turned over a million euros last year.

The defendant has no previous criminal history. Police earlier reported that the defendant was battered in the capital region on three different occasions ahead of the shooting incident. The court will handle these battery charges brought by the defendant as part of the case.

The case will go to trial at the end of November.

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