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Kids get involved in election – majority votes Angry Birds’ Red into office

An inaugural election for children in Pori saw youngsters vote for Red of Angry Birds fame to take up a seat on the local council. Officials organised the election for tots disappointed about being shut out of the electoral process.

Angry Birds -oheistuote
Image: YLE / Jarkko Heikkinen

Fiery Angry Birds figure Red was voted into the Pori city council by youngsters on Sunday, the day that adults voted in the 2017 local government elections.

The city organised the alternative election when children who accompanied their parents to vote in the complained about not having the right to cast a ballot.

"Voting took place at four polling stations, but all the children in the electoral district were able to vote at these locations. The feedback we’ve received has been positive, so hopefully we will be able to expand the idea to all polling stations during the next election," said communications planner Marika Virtanen.

lasten äänestyslomake
The list of candidates vying for a council seat in the alternative kids' election. Image: Porin kaupunki / Marika Virtanen

No runaway victory for Red

Although the Angry Birds’ signature character Red won the election with 67 votes, it was by no means a landslide victory.

The feathery figure beat off close competition from Viksu the black crow, the mascot of Kirjurinluoto island park in Pori, who captured 50 votes. Next came Aulis the owl, mascot for commercial broadcaster MTV with 23 votes; the Pori bear, mascot for local football and ice hockey clubs and another crow associated with a local anti-littering campaign, Jäte-Vaakku, who trailed the field with 16 ballots. Officials said 13 of the ballots cast were difficult to decipher.

"We want to reward the winner, so an Angry Birds plush toy will be handed over to the council chair, Diana Bergroth-Lampinen at the next council meeting. The toy will be placed in an appropriate place near her," Virtanen said.

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