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Kimi Räikkönen to leave Ferrari, return to Sauber

The Formula One driver will not drive for Ferrari next season. Sauber has announced that that he has entered into a two-year contract with their racing team.

Kimi Räikkönen
Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen Image: Andrej Isakovic / AFP

Former Formula One world champion Kimi Räikkönen will not continue with the Scuderia Ferrari racing team, where he has been a driver for the last five years. He will be replaced at Ferrari by Sauber driver Charles Leclerc, and in an apparent swap, Räikkönen will then move to Sauber for two years.

Back to where it all started

The Ferrari team leader Maurizio Arrivabene wishes Räikkönen luck at Sauber.

"Kimi will always be a big part of our team's history and this family. He filled a significant role and, at the same time, was a brilliant team player," Yle reports him saying.

The Iceman himself wrote on Instagram that the move is welcome. "Guess who's back?! Next two years with @sauber1team ahead! Feels extremely good to go back where it all began!" he said.

Räikkönen started competing as a regular Formula One driver for Sauber-Petronas in 2001. He was crowned the Formula One season champion in 2007 after moving to Ferrari.

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