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Kiviniemi: “This was a farce”

Centre Party chair Mari Kiviniemi has strongly criticised the government negotiations process and the True Finns Party following the government talks’ return to the six-party formula. The True Finns do not want to take responsibility or influence policies, Kiviniemi said.

When Kiviniemi’s Centre Party agreed to take part in the negotiations, it said that the True Finns also had to be onboard. However, now Kiviniemi expressed disappointment in the True Finns.

Kiviniemi said that it did not look like the True Finns wanted to take responsibility or to influence Finland’s policies, be they internal or EU-related.

“It doesn’t look like they’re interested in making a difference,” Kiviniemi said.

She also criticised the government formation process as a whole, saying that it lacked leadership.

Soini: EU policies were decisive

True Finns chair Timo Soini said that EU policy once again played the decisive role in his party's choice to go into opposition.

“It’s this disastrous European policy which has been pursued in Finland. The aim here is to continue with it, and we can’t accept it,” he said.

Soini said that the True Finns can also influence EU policies from the opposition.

Katainen announces return to "six-pack" government talks formula

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