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KSML: Finnish police to get body cameras

Finnish police officers are to be issued with body cameras to be worn while out on patrol, reports the Central Finland daily Keskisuomalainen.

Poliisi tarkkailee joutsenta jottei tämä mene liikenteen sekaan.
Image: Henrietta Hassinen / Yle

Police officers in Finland are to be issued with cameras while out on patrol, according to a report in the regional daily Keskisuomalainen. The goal is to ensure that every police officer on patrol is wearing a body camera.

Sanna Heikinheimo of the National Police Board tells KSML that the goal is to make the procurements this year. At present some 30 cameras are in use at Helsinki police department on a trial basis.

Officers say the cameras have improved their safety and reduced confrontations with members of the public. The cameras can also record material that can be used in evidence.

Last year a working group under the National Police Board had reported that cameras would be useful for Finnish police, and that they could be taken into use towards the end of this year.

At the time the working group was setting up guidelines regarding the use of police body cameras, concerning how long recordings should be saved, among other issues.

Taking into consideration such issues as privacy as well as arrest and detention times, the group recommended recordings be kept for a period of 96 hours before being deleted.

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