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Kuopio school sword attack appeal set for September

The perpetrator has demanded a lesser sentence but six victims asked for more compensation for injuries they suffered.

Kuopion koulusurma syytetty
Joel Marin (centre) was convicted on one charge of murder and 20 counts of attempted murder by the North Savo District Court last November. Image: Sami Takkinen / Yle

An appeal against the verdict in the 2019 Kuopio school sword attack case will be heard by the Eastern Finland Court of Appeal beginning from 9 September. A total of six days have been set aside for the hearing, the court announced on Wednesday.

Last November, the North Savo District Court sentenced Joel Marin to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of one murder and 20 counts of attempted murder.

The October 2019 attack took place in a classroom of the Savo Vocational College, which is located in a Kuopio shopping centre.

A 23-year-old Ukrainian woman died while 10 other people - including the perpetrator - were injured in the incident. Some of the victims suffered lifelong injuries in the attack.

In his application to the Court of Appeal, Marin argued that he should be found guilty of a lesser charge and that his sentence should be reduced from a life sentence to a fixed prison term. The average duration of a life sentence in Finland is just over 14 years. A convict may be eligible for release after 12 years.

In addition, six victims have also appealed the district court's ruling and asked for increased compensation for the injuries suffered in the attack.

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