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Kuopio sword attack suspect remanded into custody

The man is suspected of killing one person and injuring nine others at a vocational college in eastern Finland.

KRP:n rikoskomisario, tutkinnanjohtaja Olli Töyräs Kuopion väkivallanteon vangitsemisoikeudenkäynnissä jota käsiteltiin Pohjois-Savon käräjäoikeudessa Kuopiossa perjantaina 4. lokakuuta
On Friday, North Savo District Court remanded into custody Joel Marin, the suspect in the Savo Vocational College attack in Kuopio. Image: Akseli Muraja / Lehtikuva

North Savo District Court on Friday remanded into custody Joel Otto Aukusti Marin, the 24-year-old man suspected by police of murdering one person and attempting to murder nine others in a sabre attack at the Savo Vocational College in Kuopio on Tuesday.

The final number of charges will be determined during the course of the police investigation.

Police said earlier that Marin is a registered student at the college with no criminal record and that the victims of the attack were mainly women.

The suspect was seriously injured when detained by police, and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said that he participated in the remand hearing from hospital via a video link.

Charges in February 2020

His defence lawyer was not in the courtroom on Friday, but the NBI's investigation leader Olli Töyräs was on hand. He said the prosecution will submit potential charges on 13 February 2020.

"He (Marin) has been remanded on suspicion of one murder and nine attempted murders," said Töyräs, but would not elaborate further.

When Marin's health allows, he will be moved from hospital to police detention. His injuries, sustained when the police shot him, still require medical attention.

Altogether an investigative team of ten is looking into the events surrounding the attack. Police have said that they have sketched out a possible motive but will not yet disclose any details.

"It may take months to put all the pieces into place," said Töyräs.

Prime Minister Antti Rinne is scheduled to visit the scene of the attack on Friday.

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