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Kuopio vocational school attack suspect still in hospital

The young man suspected of a sabre attack that killed one woman and injured nine others is no longer in intensive care.

Kauppakeskus Herman.
The attack took place at the Herman shopping centre in Kuopio, eastern Finland. Image: Sami Takkinen / Yle

Two persons are still in hospital following a sword attack at a vocational school in Kuopio, eastern Finland, last Tuesday. One of the persons still warded at the Kuopio University central hospital is the suspected attacker.

Both patients were moved to open wards after initially receiving treatment at the hospital’s intensive care unit. All of the other persons injured in the incident, including persons who were also in intensive care, have since been discharged from the facility.

The suspect was formally remanded into pre-trial custody on Friday after participating in the hearing from hospital via video link.

On Monday the National Bureau of Investigation said briefly that it was continuing its investigation into the attack and that it would provide an update when possible.

Police call for tips from public

Investigators are still asking for possible photographic and video material recorded of the attack and also urged members of the public to contact them via WhatsApp and email with any information about the incident at 050 306 8875 and respectively.

The attack that killed one person and injured ten, including the suspected attacker, took place last Tuesday at the Herman shopping centre, where the Savo vocational college had been providing business classes due to air quality problems on its regular premises.

On Monday college officials were not able to say when classes would resume at the shopping centre location.

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