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Labrador retriever Finland’s favourite dog for seventh year running

The Labrador retriever emerged as Finland’s favourite dog in 2016, according to the Finnish Kennel Club. It was the seventh year running that the patient, gentle breed captured the hearts of dog lovers across the country.

Labradorinnoutaja Kirppu tykkää uimisesta.
Owners registered more than 2,000 Labrador retriever pups in 2016. Image: Sari Ursin / Yle

According to the Finnish Kennel Club, last year there were more than 46,000 pups registered on its books – over 2,000 of them were Labrador retrievers, making the breed the most popular in the country.

All the same, other breeds have caught pet lovers’ eyes over the years – the last time there were as many Labrador retrievers registered in Finland was 25 years ago.

Around the year 2000, Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers were the go-to breeds for dog lovers in Finland, but the popularity of the golden retriever subsequently declined. In 2016, it ranked sixth in terms of puppy registrations on the books.

The Kennel Club said that homegrown breeds have managed to cover ground to catch up with the well-known global breeds. Originally bred for hunting hare and fox, the Finnish hound retained its second-place position on the list of favourite breeds in 2016.

The Finnish lapphund was the fourth most popular dog in 2016. Image: YLE/Susanna Pekkarinen

Meanwhile the Finnish Lapphund, a favourite of reindeer herders, rose on the ranking from fourth to second place last year.

Last year, owners registered more than 700 Karelian Bear Dog and Finnish Spitz pups. The registrations put the KBD at seventh place on the list and the spitz at 13th. 

Koiranpentua nukuttaa
The Finnish Spitz ranked 13th on the Kennel Club's list of registrations. Image: Bikka Puoskari / Yle
According to the Kennel Club between 200 and 300 Lapponian Herders are registered every year, placing them in 60th position on the list of dog breeds kept in Finland.

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