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Lännen Media: Police probe neglect-for-profit over Kiuruvesi Covid deaths

In the spring 12 people died at a nursing home in Kiuruvesi. 

Kallionsydämen hoivakoti Kiuruvedellä
The Kallionsydän home in Kiuruvesi saw 12 deaths in the spring. Image: Marianne Mattila / Yle

Finnish police are investigating whether coronavirus ripped through a nursing home in Kiuruvesi, North Savo, as a result of neglect caused by pursuit of financial benefit, according to a report from the Lännen Media group published on Wednesday.

The media outlet reports that financial benefit could in practice mean a lack of resources for the operations in question.

The probe is being handled by the financial crimes unit at the Eastern Finland police department.

Police started looking into the matter into coronavirus-linked deaths at the Kalliosydän nursing home.

The virus spread through the home, which is home to 30 people, and 12 residents died. Yle reported at the time that the offences suspected included occupational safety crimes, neglect of official duties and giving false information to official authorities.

In addition, officers were already looking at charges related to endangerment and negligent homicide.

The home was originally run by the private company Attendo, but was taken over by local health authorities at the start of April to ensure the safe accommodation of elderly residents during the pandemic.

Attendo CEO Virpi Holmqvist told Lännen Media that she did not have knowledge of any ways in which Attendo would have benefitted financially from the case.

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