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Lapland chills after night frost

The mercury dipped below freezing on Monday night in Lapland, dropping to nearly -2 degrees Celsius in Kittilä and Salla.

Hallasta nuupahtaneita kukkia puutarhassa.
Summer night frosts are not too rare in Lapland. Image: Markku Heinonen

Residents in Finland's north were reminded of the short life of summer above the Arctic circle on Monday, when night-time temperatures dropped below zero. In Sodankylä the temperature reached -1.5 degrees. Farther north in Inari the mercury hovered around -1.

But according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), July night frosts are not uncommon in Lapland.

"Thirty frosts in the month of July have been recorded in Lapland in the past 53 years," says FMI meteorologist Asko Hutila.

To date the coldest July night was recorded in 1986, when the temperature plunged to an unseasonably chilly -3.6 degrees.

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