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Lapland to finally see snow

Crisp sunshine is in store for Finland this weekend as meteorologists forecast a turnaround in Finnish Lapland’s unseasonably warm weather.

Aurinko paistaa Töölönlahdella.
Image: Mesut Turan / Lehtikuva

Scattered snow snow showers on Saturday and Sunday will blanket Lapland in a few centimetres of snow over the weekend.

Light snowfall is also expected in southern parts of the country.

Sunday will see a break from clouds as most of Finland will wake up to blue skies and cold and frosty conditions, according to Yle meteorologist Kerttu Kotakorpi.

Finland is heading for a cool-down as the week begins, with daytime temperatures ranging from zero to -10 degrees Celsius nationwide.

No winter wonderland

Earlier this week British media dubbed Lapland 'Crapland' as tourists expressed disappointment at the lack of snow. News emerged that British tour operators had cancelled day trips to Finnish Lapland scheduled for the first week of December as holidaymakers were unenthused by snowless Santa villages.

Paavo Korpela from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) said the unseasonal weather isn't normal.

"It's almost a record low for snowfall. There are almost 20-30 centimetres less than usual in central Lapland," he told Yle News.

"This is not typical."

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