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Largest-Ever Pirate DVD Haul on Russian Border

A foreigner has been sentenced to nine months in prison in Finland's biggest-ever DVD counterfeiting case.

In late October, customs officials found more than 135,000 bootleg DVD and music CDs in his car as he was crossing the Russian border. The man said he was taking the discs to Germany, and claimed he did not realise the discs were counterfeit.

The man, whose nationality was not released by police, was also ordered to forfeit his car to Finnish officials.

The head of the Finnish Anti-Piracy Centre, Antti Kotilainen, says the seizure was yet another clear demonstration of the extent of the international piracy industry in Russia, which he said was controlled by organised crime.

Kotilainen says there are at least 33 factories producing counterfeit discs in Russia with a capacity of 300-400 million discs a year.

Most of the pirated movies found in the man's car were of Russian origin, but they also included recent Hollywood releases, such as "Man on Fire" starring Denzel Washington, which premiered in Finnish cinemas last week.

Finnish News Agency, YLE24 Anti-Piracy Centre in Finland

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