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Last session for many MPs exiting Parliament

Tuesday marks the final session of the current parliamentary term, and the last day of service for more than a dozen MPs.

Eduskunnan kyselytunti
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The Finnish Parliament wraps up its final plenary session on Tuesday, and the last items on the agenda include the implementation of a new firearms directive and legislation to capture and cull alien flora and fauna in the country.

This session, the last before elections on 14 April, marks the end of many MPs' careers at Arcadia Hill.

Centre Party MPs Seppo Kääriäinen, Sirkka-Liisa Anttila, Niilo Keränen, and Tapani Tölli have each announced that they will not be seeking re-election on 14 April. Kääriäinen and Anttila have both served in the Finnish Parliament for decades, and have held seats as ministers in previous governments.

Among the Blue Reform party, MPs Maria Lohela, Lea Mäkipää and Pentti Oinonen will not be returning. Lohela served as Speaker of Parliament from May 2015 to February 2018 and was the youngest person to hold the post. She announced in January of this year that she would be leaving the Blues to join the Liike Nyt political movement.

From the SDP ranks, MP and former minister Lauri Ihalainen joins former Speaker Eero Heinäluoma and MPs Riitta Myller and Maria Tolppanen in not seeking re-election.

National Coalition Party MPs leaving the chamber are former ministers Pertti Salolainen and Lenita Toivakka, while the Swedish People's Party is losing MPs Mats Nyland and former minister Stefan Wallin.

MP Kari Uotila from the Left Alliance will also not seek re-election.

These MPs' decisions will mean 16 fewer candidates contesting the April general elections.

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