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Latest: Porvoo shooting suspects are Swedish nationals

Police confirm the two men arrested in the Tampere region on Sunday are suspects in the shooting of two police officers in Porvoo.

Poliiseja tiellä E12 Hämeenkyrössä 25. elokuuta 2019. Poliisi otti kiinni kaksi henkilöä Tampereenseudulla tapahtuneen takaa-ajon päätteeksi. KRP epäilee, että kiinniotetut liittyvät Porvoon sunnuntain vastaisen yön ampumatapaukseen.
The suspects were arrested in the town of Ikaalinen after a high speed car chase on Sunday. Image: Mika Kanerva / Lehtikuva

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) confirmed on Monday morning that the two men arrested on Sunday evening in the Tampere area are suspects in the shooting of two police officers in Porvoo on Saturday night.

According to the police statement, the suspects were born in 1989 and 1994 and are both Swedish citizens.

Later on Monday, information obtained by Yle indicated that the two suspects speak both Swedish and Finnish, and that at least one of the men held dual Finnish and Swedish nationality.

Police said earlier today that the suspected men were known to be of Swedish origin. Later, the head of investigation, Kimmo Huhta-aho, told Yle that one of the suspects is of dual nationality, i.e. he holds Swedish and Finnish passports.

The NBI also detailed that the two men are being held on suspicion of two counts of attempted murder in connection with the events in Porvoo. The men are suspected of firing on two East Uusimaa Police Department police officers as they responded to a call in a small industrial area in the city of Porvoo, about 50 kilometres east of Helsinki, after midnight between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Both police officers were injured in the incident. One remains in hospital with serious injuries.

"The police patrol went to Koneistajantie to investigate a routine call involving a suspected property crime. Police are well aware of the subsequent events, but interviews with the suspects and other pre-trial investigations are expected to provide further information," said Kimmo Huhta-aho, Director of Investigation at the NBI.

The two suspects were apprehended by police at about 8.30pm Sunday in the town of Ikaalinen, near the city of Tampere, after a half hour long car chase. A number of shots were fired at police during the pursuit and three police cars were damaged, but no injuries were reported.

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According to police, preliminary investigations are ongoing and will include the interrogation of the suspects, as well as technical investigations and the examination of clues. Police also thanked the public for their tips and observations about the incident on Saturday night and during the pursuit of the suspects.

We will continue to update this story as it develops.

Updated at 16.40 on 26.8 to include information regarding the languages the suspects speak, and that one of the suspects has dual nationality.

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