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Leaked document reveals Putin’s disarmament talks at Helsinki

Russia looks to continue long-standing talks over nuclear weapons reduction with the US.

Donald Trump ja Vladimir Putin kättelevät
Yhdysvaltain presidentti Donald Trump ja Venäjän presidentti Vladimir Putin kuvattuna tapaamisessa Helsingissä 16. heinäkuuta 2018. Image: Alexey Nikolsky / EPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a series of talking points during his trip to Helsinki which included nuclear disarmament and banning the placement of weapons in space, says a memo obtained by US politics journal Politico.

During the last month's summit in Helsinki, Putin and US President Donald Trump held a two-hour private meeting including only themselves and their translators. The details of the meeting have been tightly sealed but for a few hints revealed during the duo's joint press conference that wrapped up the summit.

According to Politico, the obtained document originated from Russian authorities.

The document sheds light on the relationship between the US and Russia, pointing to a continuation of disarmament dialogue that has been going on for several decades. Putin’s willingness to continue talks on nuclear weapon reductions as well as new limitations indicates an ongoing cooperation between the two nations, despite recent tensions.

The White House has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the document, except to state that President Trump did not receive any written suggestions from Putin in Helsinki.

For more details of the summit, listen to the All Points North summit special.

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