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Legendary YLE correspondent Erkki Toivanen dead

Long-time YLE journalist and foreign correspondent Erkki Toivanen passed away late Wednesday night in London at the age of 73.

Erkki Toivanen 1938 - 2011.
Image: Derrick Frilund

Erkki Toivanen was one of Finland's best know and most respected broadcast and print journalists. Highly educated and cosmopolitan, Toivanen was esteemed for his sophisticated and gentlemanly style of reporting.

Toivanen made London his home for over 45 years and began his career at the Finnish section of the BBC World Service.

He came to YLE in 1969, was the company's correspondent in London and in Paris, later becoming a special correspondent focussed on European affairs. Erkki Toivanen was also the author of numerous books on European history and culture. He retired from YLE in 2001.

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