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Lending a helping hand through social media

A cry for diapers came from Miranda Lindeman in a posting on an Oulu Facebook community network site -- help for her sick baby came within 30 minutes when local resident Juha-Matti Määttä dropped off a packet of diapers.

Juha-Matti Määttä Oulu
Juha-Matti Määttä responded to Miranda Lindeman's request for help on Oulu's Puskaradio Facebook community network site. Image: Yle

At the same time that Miranda Lindeman’s baby girl suddenly came down with the stomach flu and starting vomiting at home, the diapers ran out.

As Lindeman could not leave the house with a sick child, she decided to make a request on Oulu's Puskaradio Facebook community network site to see if someone could bring her a packet of diapers.

“I decided to post on Puskaradio to see if there was someone who could help,” says Lindeman.

Thirty minutes later there was a package of diapers behind Lindeman’s door.

“Help came quickly; I was surprised by how fast it came,” says Lindeman.

Miranda Lindeman Oulu
Image: Yle

Raised to help others

It was Juha-Matti Määttä who left the package of diapers outside Miranda’s door thirty minutes after he read her cry for help on Facebook.

He left the packet outside the door, as his own wife was in final stages of pregnancy and waiting at home – the soon-to-be-father did not want to risk picking up a potentially contagious stomach flu and taking it home.

Määttä, who is now the father of a week-and-a-half-old baby daughter, says the decision to help came about quickly.

“My wife further encouraged me and it took 30 minutes and it was taken care of,” Määttä says. “I was raised to help people when they are in distress,” says Määttä.

For Määttä, not helping was not an option. He wonders how people can be cold and uncaring toward others. “It feels as though each year people become colder, more selfish, and less interested in other people’s distress,” he says.

In international rankings, Finland moved up from 31st (2015) to 24th (2016) place in the World Giving Index, an annual report published that surveys people in 140 different countries on three charitable acts: helping a stranger, donating money to charity, and volunteering.

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