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Linnanmäki amusement park tosses children’s price discount

The popular Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki has decided to eliminate price discounts for children – meaning that they will pay the same price as adults for a day of stomach-churning fun. However children still won’t be allowed on rides with height restrictions.

matkustajia linnanmäen vuoristoradassa, kierros on juuri tullut loppuun ja ihmiset iloisia
Hair-raising fun on Linnanmäki's famous wooden roller coaster. Image: YLE

Operators of Helsinki’s Linnanmäki amusement park have eliminated the hassle – and the testing arithmetic – involved in purchasing bracelets for rides. As of the upcoming summer season, patrons of all ages will pay one standard fee for the influential paper bracelets – the adult price.

Starting in the spring the bracelets will cost 37 euros regardless of patrons’ age or size. The bracelet will provide park-goers with access to all rides within, depending on each ride’s safety restrictions. Height checks will in future be performed at the gates of each ride.

Up to last summer children 1.2 metres tall could purchase their own class of bracelet at a discounted price of 23 euros, while those smaller than 1 metre could buy a ticket for just 18 euros.

Customers who wish to buy tickets for individual rides will have to fork out 7 euros per ride from next summer. Admission to the park itself has been free since 2003.

More free rides next summer

While this means that children will have to pay more for their share of amusement, park organizers have attempted to offset the fee increase by offering more free rides.

Next summer junior park visitors will get to jump on many rides for free. In addition to the Panorama, an additional 10 rides will be available to kids at no charge.

The Children’s Day Foundation maintains Linnanmäki and the proceeds of the fun park are used to finance child welfare programmes. Last year a record share of the park’s profits – some 3.5 million euros – were donated to a variety of child welfare organizations.

“Next season our goal is to donate 3.7 million euros of the park’s profits to help children and families in Finland,” said Foundation head Risto Räikkönen.

Linnanmäki will open its gates to the public from April 27.

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