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Linnanmäki amusement park working conditions inspected

The occupational safety and health administration has given managers at Helsinki’s Linnanmäki amusement park guidelines on how to improve treatment of their workers. Inspectors from the Southern Finland Regional Administration visited the park today to investigate working conditions at the park. Deficiencies were mainly found in the provision of instructions for employees.

Työntekijä Linnanmäen huvipuistossa.
Työsuojeluviranomaiset havaitsivat puutteita Linnanmäen huvipuiston työntekijöiden ohjeistamisessa. Image: YLE

The inspectors primarily wanted to investigate following a YLE report on poor working conditions at the park. Regional administration inspector Antti Saarinen says that the deficiencies were mainly around the provision of instructions to employees regarding breaks.

”For example young employees are sometimes unsure how things work if there are requirements for breaks that are not in the employment contract,” said Saarinen.

The inspectors left 25 questionnaires with unsupervised employees at the park. The questions are to be distributed to the park’s industrial safety delegates, and returned within a week.

The answers will then be collated over three weeks, before further questionnaires are sent to the park’s management and then recommendations drawn up on the basis of all the answers.

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