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Linnanmäki Says its Rides are Safe

Linnanmäki entertainment park director Risto Räikkönen is standing firmly behind the safety of the park's equipment. "People won't be stuck for hours in our Panorama ride," he declared.

On Thursday, patrons at the Liseberg amusement park in Sweden remained stranded in the air for eight and a half hours on a similar ride from a different manufacturer.

"People can get back to solid ground in half an hour in the event of a power blackout in Helsinki," the park manager explained.

Every spring Linnanmäki employees and emergency service workers conduct safety drills, and the revolving observation tower is a special target of these rehearsals. The Helsinki Rescue Centre owns a ladder tender which can be used to reach the top of the Panorama.

The Panorama has worked properly and has had no technical problems. Räikkönen says the park's safety systems are of such a high standard that no special procedures are needed.

"If one Volvo gets into an accident in Sweden, does it mans that all the Volvos in the world should be stopped because of that?" he asked.

Räikkönen won't speculate on what caused the Liseberg incident. Earlier this week there was an even more serious accident, when the basket of a ride known as the Rainbow crashed to the ground.

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