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Linnanmäki theme park insists: selfie sticks still permitted

Helsinki’s theme park Linnanmäki has not joined the throng of venues banning selfie sticks. The park’s managers say the much-decried self-portrait accessories are allowed in the park, but under no circumstances should they be taken onto a ride.

Linnanmäen vuoristorata avajaispäivänä 27.4.2013.
Linnanmäki is not joining the global trend towards banning selfie sticks. Image: Yle

So-called selfie sticks have risen to prominence recently, allowing people to take better self-portraits with their camera - but decried by critics as tools of the narcissistic. Unfortunately, some users have become so engrossed in capturing that perfect snap of themselves that they walk into, strike or hit people in the vicinity.

So a growing number of museums, galleries and now theme parks worldwide have moved to ban them. The latest was Disney this week, but Finland’s most famous theme park insists it's not about to follow suit.

Linnanmäki’s boss says that, although selfie sticks are absolutely prohibited on rides, they are allowed in the park area.

"Sticks haven’t been a problem for us so far, and people can continue to use them in the park area," said Linnanmäki Managing Director Pia Adlivankin. "They cannot under any circumstances be taken on rides, however."

The sticks would, according to Adlivinkin, be a serious security risk if taken on rides. They extend some way out and could get caught in the ride’s mechanisms or strike other users. They can be left along with other valuables at the start of the ride for collection afterwards.

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