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Lohja school emerges tops in secondary school matriculation results

Two students from the Lohja upper secondary school scored the highest grade in eight subjects during this year’s spring matriculation exams, putting the institution ahead of all others nationwide.

Ylioppilaslakki, ruusu ja lasi kuohuviiniä.
Image: Heli Mäkikauppila / Yle

The results of this spring’s secondary school matriculation exams were released Thursday morning by Finland’s matriculation board.

The results show that two students from Lohja’s upper secondary school received top grades in eight subjects to put their school at the head of matriculation tables this year. They were graded laudutur, the equivalent of outstanding, in the eight subjects.

Altogether six students from five schools nationwide scored top marks in eight subjects.  Apart from Lohja, they came from secondary schools in Espoo, Pori, Helsinki and Kotka.

In spite of their outstanding results, this year’s graduates did not beat the all-time scholastic performance record set last year by a student at a secondary school in Mikkeli, southeast Finland, who secured the highest grade in 12 subjects.

Meanwhile, student Heidi Kärkkäinen from Kiuruvesi in northern Savo emerged as the nation’s top-performing student with  "outstanding" grades in six subjects and "eximia" (eximia cum laude approbatur), equivalent to "excellent" in four additional courses.

Kärkkäinen said that she plans to study Economics at Tampere University’s School of Management Studies and perhaps pursue a career in entrepreneurship or the travel industry later on.

This year nearly 26,000 students will graduate from secondary school and potentially move on to university.

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